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時が伝えるもの、時が生み出すもの。All things are delivered and created by time.

藏群主人 眞田 俊之 | Kuramure Master Sanada Toshiyuki

藏群主人 眞田 俊之 Kuramure Master Sanada Toshiyuki



On February 5th, 1968, born in Otaru (Showa 43 years);
Lived in Otaru until graduating from the senior high school;
Graduated from Meiji University (Tokyo);
Worked in a wine company in Hokkaido after graduation;
Involved in the operation of "Hotel Musashitei";
Opened "Kuramure" (corporation) in 2002;
CEO of Otaru sightseeing;


  • 文頭「主」は藏群主人、「N」はインタビュアー

On November 8th, 2012, in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kuramure, we had a conversation on the theme "about Kuramure", extracted as follows:

  • The master (M) referred to at the beginning is the manager of Kuramure. "N" stands for the interviewer.

主/ 昨夜お泊まりいただき、いかがでしたか?

N/ 仕事柄、観察と分析癖がついていますから、ちょっと辛口ですが‥‥。

主/ そうでしょう。それでいいんです。

N/ ええ、畳に座ったら最初低いかと思った天井の高さが何とも心地のいい包み込み感に変わって‥‥。窓も空があまり見えずにまぶしくない。しかし景色はよく見える。ああこれは日本家屋の深い軒先のような心地よさなんだと思い当たりました。

  • 俵屋/創業300余年。日本を代表する三大名旅館のひとつ。

小樽旅亭藏群 - オーナーズ・トーク | Kuramure - Owner's Talk

M/ Thanks for your overnight stay, what do you think of our hotel?

N/ Because of my work, I have a habit of making observations and analyses, so my review may be a little tough... .
When I first entered the room, the window was very low, which made me feel that the room must not be very spacious.

M/ oh, well.
So, how do you feel now?

N/ Um, after sitting on the tatami, my initial feeing about the low ceiling gave way completely to feelings of comfort. I can't see the sky through the windows of the room, so I don't feel dazzled. Oh, I suddenly remember that this feeling of comfort is the same as what I experienced from the wide eaves of Japanese houses.
It seems that I have had a similar feeling somewhere else, perhaps in Kyoto's Tawaraya.
I think the hotel is designed so elaborately that it makes people feel incredible.
Your hotel has reached such a summit - do the guests not feel worried?

  • Tawaraya - operating for about 300 years, is one of the three most famous Ryokan (Japanese traditional hotel) in Japan.

主/ そうですね。準備に4年もかけていると一つ一つに筋が通ってきて、そんなこと考えもしなかった(笑)。こんなに気持ちのいい時間を過ごせる宿にお客様が来ないはずはない!と。

M/ Yes, it took me 4 years for the preparation alone, but I regard that as very reasonable, so I don't take it into account (laughs). In such a comfortable hotel, guests will absolutely love to check in! It has reached such a state of consciousness, hasn't it? (laughs)。

N/ 藏群は高級和風を目指したのでしょうか?

主/ あ、それはちょっと違います。

小樽旅亭藏群 - オーナーズ・トーク | Kuramure - Owner's Talk

N/ Does Kuramure set its goal of becoming an advanced Japanese Ryokan?

M/ Um, I don't think so.
By using advanced materials, we can build a luxurious and spacious room, which, however, may still only make people feel tired. People are aware of what a suitable space is. I just want to help our guests enjoy good times here.

But this secret cannot be found in any textbook. Everyone values things differently, so there isn't a standard answer.
But Japan is known for its famous hotels, some of which have a history of several hundred years. After visiting all of these hotels, I firmly believe that "Luxury makes people upset, comfort will never, ever be boring"
From this kind of experience, I was most deeply impressed by feelings of comfort. This feeling can NOT be expressed in words. So I think I have created this value of comfort in Kuramure, which attracts special guests.

During our ten years, the number of returning guests has really increased. For several years now, guests have been staying in Kuramure more than once, some of the guests even come to Kuramure every month, and this number increases every month. Although we have a very wide range of guests, everyone seems to find value in staying at Kuramure.

Bubbling in the hot spring, taking a break at noon, doing some reading and making tea, everyone has his or her own way of spending time here.
With a full understanding of our hotel, the guests can enjoy "quality time" here, and the number of guests is gradually increasing. At this moment, I feel very satisfied because they have experienced what I value in a lifestyle of leisure.

N/ これからの藏群はどう変わっていくのでしょうか?

主/ これからは進化ではなく"深化"します。もっとくつろいでいただくにはどうするか?これをお客様に感じさせずに提供していきます。

N/ How might Kuramure change in the future?

M/ In the future, Kuramure will pay more attention to "deepening" what we have, rather than evolving as such. How do you make people feel true leisure? Our hotel aims to provide this feeling unconsciously.
I hope the hotel I built will be the one people wants to check in again before the end of the life, and it will make them feel that they have spent the most beautiful of times here.
I hope to take further steps to build a hotel based on "quality time" in the future, to produce and deliver "quality time".

N/ 本日はありがとうございました。

N/ Thank you very much.

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取材後記Interview epilogue

ともすれば趣味人に見られそうな藏群主人。だが藏群のおもてなし文化を深め、やがて世界に問おうとする姿勢は「どのように利益を上げるか」よりも、「いかにくつろいでもらうか」という主人の熱いチャレンジスピリットを感じさせる。サービスやソフトにはまだ熟成の余地を感じるが、京の名旅館の伝統を現代的なアレンジを加えた個性を楽しめる宿。これからの10年よっては、北海道のReference point(基準点)になる可能性を感じさせる。

The hotel manager of Kuramure tends to be considered a hobby-lover. Compared with an attitude of "how to improve profits", his attitude is to deepen Kuramure's culture and invite people from all over the world to visit, and this makes me feel that the strong challenging spirit of Kuramure is "how can one make people enjoy more quality time?" Although the services in Kuramure still need to be strengthened, it really is a hotel of individuality, with modern conveniences based on the famous kinds of traditional hotel in Kyoto. I believe that in the next ten years, Kuramure will be a landmark in Hokkaido.

主人の作法 Owner's Style


The Owner's Favourites
Introducing the own's favorite articles.
Compare to the famous brands, he prefers the choice of "lingering charm" of the selections.

  • MONT BLANCのボールペンと呉竹の筆ペン
    MONT BLANCのボールペンと呉竹の筆ペン


  • RIMOWAのトランク


  • 花梨堂の鞄


  • MONT BLANC ball-pen and Light bamboo brush

    "Writing down ones name" is very important, so please write with a ball pen. A father's possession. The brush is described a as "a tool to know Japan"

  • RIMOWA Suitcase

    "It has one hand-handle and a large capacity, and when standing, it can be used as a chair. I love it very much for its convenience and durability. The old models are not available."

  • Original is handmade

    Hand-made, "soft, well-made, when traveling around the world it's a Japanese symbol, be sure to take it with you"

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Interviewer 長嶋 匠 | Interviewer Nagashima Takumi

Interviewer 長嶋 匠Interviewer Nagashima Takumi

長嶋企画事務所 代表

Representative from Nagashima Planning Office
As an architect, he takes charge of construction management of the villas, Tomamu Resort and so on. He is engaged in the construction of the Jalan building in Hokkaido. He has already set up his own company now. Every day he is busy in the planning center, planning for such Iwanai hot springs Takashima Ryokan, the Gunma Minakamikogen200 Hotel, Tsuruga group, the giant maker of appliances, and for some beauty salons.

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