Small and luxurious - At Kuramure we can offer a unique wedding ceremony to the stylish and discerning new couple.

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small wedding

At Kuramure we can cater for small wedding ceremonies.
(If you desire a large wedding , please be sure to discuss this with us first.)
For a special wedding ceremony with just a small group of relatives and close friends, Kuramure is an excellent choice.

  1. Generally speaking, we consider wedding attendees as lodgers. (Specific interview)
  2. The cafe can easily cater for 16 wedding guests. If more are required we can provide for a maximum of 20.
  3. The wedding menu is as the hotel menu. A dinner party menu is also available.
  4. At most we can cater for 16 diners.
  5. After check in we expect guests to behave respectfully and appropriately.

wedding plan

Please check here.
※Price will change from April 1, 2014. Please contact us for more information.

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