Enjoy the gentle breeze of leisure

In our elaborately built Ryokan rooms, you can pass the time in comfortable relaxation. For us the most precious thing is for you to sleep peacefully in our rooms.

Interior Design

Our hotel presents a total of 19 rooms of various styles. The decoration and furniture of each room is unique. From floor to ceiling, the décor and furniture are all totally coordinated. We make every effort to make our rooms as comfortable as possible so you can you can enjoy your stay to the full.
The furniture is inspired by Japanese antiques, and antiques from the period of Li Dynasty and Ming Dynasty also appear in our rooms. The walls are painted with Japanese traditional plastering materials. The walls are also decorated with Japanese traditional paper, the texture of which gradually increases with time; its permeability is said to be good for people’s health! Our rooms have a distinct air of nostalgia. Spending time here can make life feel more meaningful. All the rooms are named after writers, poets and artists with some indelible connection to Otaru.


Room Type

Kuramure’s rooms are comprised of a living room and two bedrooms (bedroom + Japanese room or two individual Japanese rooms). Maisonette suites are also available. Overlooking the hotel, there is a garden and courtyard.
Rooms with a kotatsu, rooms for disabled guests are also available.
We offer all patrons a choice of smoking or non-smoking suites. Please be sure to specify your preference when making a reservation.



Hot spring water can be directly accessed in the bathroom. The washroom is independent of the toilet. We are certain every minute spent here will be a happy one!  




For your sleeping comfort, we only choose superior bedding. The traditional hand dyeing method of Arimatsu of Japan, known as “Asarigawa twisted dyeing” is inherited from the artisans’ craft in Aichi which has been in the dyeing industry for generations. These silks are available here, too. The sheets provided in Kuramure are to be treasured. They are the culmination of more than 400 years of tradition. Please enjoy them.


BVLGARI amenity

※Japanese western-style room〔2-floor flat〕is of limited availability.
The BVLGARI・hotel・collection is for those special guests who pursue the most luxurious and comfortable of lifestyles. Throughout the world, only the most exclusive hotels can offer this collection.
BVLGARI’s traditional and concise style is incomparable and recognized all over the world. Its high quality and unique design has a global reputation.

shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body milk, soap

Common Amenities

Samue, night clothes, Japanese socks, Kimono coat, face towel, hand towel, bath towel, toothbrush, hair brush, shaver including shaving cream (for male), shower cap (for female), cotton (for female), hair gom, body towel, drier, humidifier


Number of Rooms・Accommodation fee

Number of Rooms

  Number of Guests Number of Rooms
Flat layout Japanese western-style room 【non smoking】 4 3
Flat layout Japanese western-style room【smoking】 4 5
Flat layout Japanese western-style room【non smoking】
〔usage of BVLGARI amenity〕
4 2
Flat layout Japanese western-style room【smoking】
〔usage of BVLGARI amenity〕
4 2
Maisonette layout Japanese western-style room【non smoking】 4 2
Maisonette layout Japanese western-style room【smoking】 4 1
Maisonette layout Japanese western-style room【non smoking】 4 2
Maisonette layout Japanese western-style room
4 2
Total   19


Regarding stairs in the rooms

River View Room has a room with stairs or without stairs.Accessible room can be arranged with advanced notice. Please book “River View Room” and let us know if you would like to request an accessible room. In the case that we can not meet your needs, we will inform you by telephone or e-mail. Without request means that we can not offer an accessible room.    

Accommodation Fee (an overnight stay guest with two meals included: dinner and breakfast)

  A room for two A room for 3 or 4
Flat layout Japanese western-style room 36,000 yen 31,000 yen
Flat layout Japanese western-style room 〔usage of BVLGARI amenity〕 38,500 yen 33,500 yen
Maisonette layout Japanese western-style room 34,000 yen 29,000 yen
Maisonette layout Japanese room 34,000 yen 29,000 yen

(Excluding service expense・consumption tax)

  • Add extra JPY4,000/person/night at the date before holidays
  • Please contact us for room rates on peak season.
  • The bath charge for each adult is an extra 150 yen.
  • The cost of a child (7~12 years old) is 50% of the adult’s cost.
  • The cost of a child (3~6 years old) is 35% of the adult’s cost.
  • Children (Under 12 years old) along with adults can enjoy the Japanese cuisine, but adult rates shall apply.
  • The following credit cards are accepted: (JCB, Visa, Master, DC, UC, Amex, Diners Club, Saison, UFJ, Jaccs, Nicos, Aeon, Nissenren,SIC, NC/Hokusen)
  • Check-in time is 15:00 p.m-19:00p.m, while check-out time is 11:00 a.m,  

All Inclusive System

All beverages in the bar & café and those provided in the room are complimentary throughout the stay. We hope you enjoy every last minute of your time in our peaceful and quiet rooms.